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After years of searching, questing, and adventuring your way through countless encounters you have finally found the official Medieval Chaos website!

Medieval Chaos is a high energy full contact Role-Playing Game set in our privately owned village of Dagger Deep. Come and play your character in the world of Medieval Chaos where we play 40 Saturdays a year rain, snow, or shine. Medieval Chaos is an exciting, fast paced, intense role play experience with exhilarating physical combat and over 400 acres of privately owned playable terrain. Medieval Chaos is the premier Vancouver Island Heavy Action Role Playing (H.A.R.P.) experience; with, 150+ members, weekly events, private river access, our very own keep, an established game history, intense combat, visual spells, live music, a fully immersible role playing environment, and our very own village Dagger Deep.

While you are surfing our website you can freely download all of our handbooks located in the media section, or browse the forums in our groups section. For event information and location don’t forget to check out our events calendar, and once you’ve made up your character's profile be sure to check out the latest posts in your activity feed. Once you’ve been to a few Medieval Chaos events you will be able to use our website to track your experience, purchase abilities, role play, and even look for a full guild master.

Remember that if you have any questions to contact our founder and president Jared Williams (admin@medievalchaos.ca)

Lastly don’t forget to check out the latest event pictures and OOC discussions on our facebook group. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/MedievalChaos)