August 19th -- Lokasenna (Loki's Quarrel)

Event Details: 

Seeker, along with The Parliament of the Mask, has come to town, with trickery in his heart and frustration at the death of his prophet.

It's time for a story to be told, but when a pissed off Avatar of Chaos in a foul mood tells the story, that story might just come to life.

GM: Jake Shepherd

Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 01:00


As enticing as it would be to pc this if you need. Npcs throw me in! I will be glad in either position

I always prefer to play Piper but I will attempt an npc slot if you need me to. Rouge/caster would be splendid if you did cast me as npc.

I can NPC if you want me. But if the life ritual happens (and works) on the day I've been told it's happening... the prophet may return...

Please place Odin and I together, Monster or PC would be rad but we go where you want us :)

If Hector's going to be on the field, I'd like to be there as Dar to help watch his back. If not, I'd like to do a caster NPC.

Im fine either way, PC or NPC, but if im NPC i would like to be a caster

Oh seeker, how it was bittersweet watching you burn so many years ago. You were Den's master, who was Mordag's now looked at all the chaos that has trickled down.

Since this is no longer the trilogy I'd kind of like to pc but can do anything I am needed to do.

PC Current 36
Kody Roux
Dan Hill
Helena Bown
Cordell Bos
Jayson Crockford
Damian Joulie
Bethany Staples
Tear’a Lyons
Chris Campbell
Richard Jesson
Marianne West
Sara Quist
Jessica Joulie
Arnie Joe
Zoe Bilton
Sage Boily
Ash Chandler-Pease
Brendan Sweeney
Quinten Janzen
Tony Jazen
Kam Abbott
Ryan Hill
Dustin Malfait
Melina Suelzle
Calvin Havercroft
Aj McLaughlin
John Childs
Zachary Charisse
Melodie Berg
Nika Stafford
Julian Edey
Llama Burman
Scarlett Wright
Edward La Chance
Mike Fairbairn

NPC 33
Jacob Shepherd
Richard Goulet
Steve Chester
Mike Hughes
Albertine La Chance
Peter Abrahams
Joanna Hickman
Devon Joulie
Shanna Abrahams
Tina Essery
Michelle McConnell
Shayla Allman
Peter Platten
Ben Bosworth
Tori Skramstad
Josh Vegh
Kaitlyn Dawe
George Briggs
Scott Marrs
Cole Mercier
Karl Christoffersen
Aya Flook
Dayanera Blais
Nicholas Bossard
Niki Millar
Max Phillion
Scott Motherwell
Aaron De la Espirella
Coralee Draginda
Odin Draginda
James Poirier
Fred Riemer
Nathaniel Doherty

Sorry for the late notice but could I have a PC slot as I'll have 2 noobs with me? It'd be greatly appreciated.

Super requesting PC Please <3