July 15th -- Never Split the Party 2: Orcish Boogaloo / A Walk in the Planes!

Event Details: 

Never Split the Party 2 -- Joanna Naschaal
A Walk in the Planes -- Philip Amor

Never Split the Party 2 -- Joanna Naschal

The team of novice adventurers who once took on the orcish tribe of Ogesh is back! They've gotten into lots of adventures since the last time they were at the Deep and are eager to show off their treasure and swap stories. The thing is, the orcs are back too, having sworn revenge for the first raid two years ago. Don't worry, the adventurers know what they're doing. They're braver and stronger than last time and are eager to prove it to the people of Dagger Deep. They're ready for the chance to prove themselves and fight alongside true heroes as equals - they just need a little rescuing first.

Walk In The Planes -- Philip Amor

Mystical travellers chase an ancient force threatening the many realms. An ancient plan threatens the lives of many, and the sanity of more. With a complex set of weapons prone to lunge in our backs, will we have the preparation to defend ourselves, and gather together what magics we have left?

Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 00:00