July 22nd-- Sarcoline Summoner

Event Details: 

GM: Chantal Chandler-Pease

“One more stitch and... There! Done! Now where to test you. I need somewhere small, somewhere that is often plagued with pestilence and war. Somewhere that wouldn't suspect a thing...”

The sound of scraping feet and high thin laughter echoes through a room. “Well now my dears, are you hungry? Of course you are, my poor children, kept down here so long until our family was all complete. Come with me pets, we shall just go for a little stroll.”

Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 00:00


Would love to NPC for this, but would like to request a more rp oriented role rather then a high combat one. Still shaky on the combat side of things.

PC please, entertaining newbie visitors.

I'm happy anywhere. If you need NPC meat, I'm there, if not, I'll bring out the old elven samurai.

Hi all!
I need undead, but I also need elementals consisting of: fire, air, earth, water, infernal, abyssal, life, and death.
The undead will not just consist of straight up zombies and wraiths and skeletons (oh my!) I am planning on undead with a bit of a twist (think Frankenstein's monster)

Comment if you are interested, or shoot me a message!

would I be able to be an abyssal of some sort? I've never done a role like that and would absolutely love the chance to try it out

Elemental sounds fun but do with me as you will

Elemental sounds fun but do with me as you will

I'm happy to NPC if need be, but I will be late to the mission, so put me somewhere non-critical.

I wouldn't mind npcing again but put me where ever you'd like. If I were to npc being and infernal or an abyssal would be fun :D

Npc for me, would be cool if i could play something strong, if not its okay

Hey! Would love to abyssal elemental with the knowledge i have on the plane. Even willing to lead if you need the help

Hey! I'd like to be a PC since I'll be bringing out my alt for the first time!

I finished my training as the banker today. I'm running it on my own on the 22nd and Corbin said I could come up with an NPC to use as a banker. That's what my registration as an NPC was about, just FYI for the whole numbers thing.

If your name has a star next to it expect a private message.

Karl C.
Dan Hill
Cory Davidson**
Damian Joulie**
Richard Jesson
Ryan Boothby-Young**
Tear'a Lyons
Barb Wildborn**
Brendan Sweeney
Samantha Gledhill**
Joanna Hickman
Fred Riemer
Scott Newhouse
Coralee Draginda
Michelle McConnell
Devon Joulie**
Jessica Joulie
Ash C-P and guests
Marianne West
Mark Ruley**
Peter Platten
Hugo Plante
Sonja Millar
Cole Mercier
Aleksandra Tremblay
Janice Hill
Tony Wood**
Sara Quist
Devin Gosse
Liam Stafford
James Poirier**
Anthony Goglin
Dave VO
Victoria Lee
Sage Boily
AJ Mclaughlin
Melina Suelze
Bailey Neil**
Colin Partridge
Brandon Gear
Wayde Guptil

Helena Bown- Death element
Calvin H- Water element
Mike Hughes- Skeleton
Steve Chester- Air element
Richard Goulet- Zombie
Aya- Death element
Bethany E-S- Abyssal element
Shanna A- Zombie
Peter A- Zombie
Arnie Joe- Skeleton
Scott Motherwell- Air element
Jake Shepherd- Water element
Josh Vegh- Earth element
Rowan Smith- Life element
George Briggs- Air element
Tori Skramstad- Zombie
Ricky Seward- Zombie
Shayla Allman- Life element
Albertine- Fire element
Riley Vandall- Merle
Devin Dierk- Life element
Austin Molberg- Wraith
Cordell Bos- Fire element
Tina Essery- Air element
Mason Repka- Fire element
Llama Burman- Life
Tony Janzen + 1- element
Kam Abbott- Earth element
Niki and Paige- Earth element
Nathaniel- Water element
Dayanera Blais- Zombie
Jayson Crockford- Wraith
Ben Bosworth- Fire element
Felix Plante- Wraith
Nicholas Brossard- Abyssal element
Derry Oshurst- Skeleton
John Childs- Fire element


All have 3 hp and immunities to all instant kills, poisons, blind, and summon effects.
All traits can be altered by summoner but these are the basics
Work together, complement each others powers. If you steamroll, use powers less and fight more.
If there are more than one of the same type of element only one in three get the rice delivery
Natural Armor: Granted by Summoner. Makes you tougher (more hits to die), counts as armour
everywhere on your body, but doesn’t grant immunities to spells or throat slits or anything else. It
counts as armour so arrows bypass this.
Cool downs marked with a '*' denote that Elder versions can cast a Gesture or Spray version of that
effect, but they are limited to once per Summon/life. Summoners will inform if they are Elder versions.

Costuming: Whites and Light Blues
Preferred weapons: Bows or Thrown
Silence (Touch*/30sec)
Invisibility (Self/5min)
Transport (Teleport) (Touch/60sec) Teleport target to something close by or10 to 20 feet. Walk with
them if you like. The idea is they are caught in a tornado or wind pushes them somewhere.

Costuming: Browns and Grays
Preferred weapons: Unarmed or Bludgeoning
Hold (Touch*/60sec)
Petrify (Touch/5min)
True Sight

Costuming: Reds, Oranges, and Yellows
Preferred weapons: Spears
Fire Ball (Thrown/10sec)
Set on Fire (Touch*/5min)
Run Through

Costuming: Blues and Greens
Preferred weapons: Swords
Sleep (Touch*/60sec)
Dispel (Touch or Self/60sec)
Push (Centered on Self/5min)

Costuming: Whites, Silvers, and Golds
Preferred weapons: Staffs, Pacifism
Heal (Touch/10sec)
Resurrect (Touch/30sec)
Sanctuary (Self or Touch*/5min)

Costuming: Hot Topic Black, with Spikes, Skulls
Preferred weapons: Daggers, Swords, Scythes
Invisibility (Self/60sec)
Death Strike (Strike/10sec)
Drain (Touch/5min)

Costuming: Greens and Silvers
Preferred weapons: Staffs, Exotic
True Sight
Blind (Touch*/30sec)
Pain (Touch/60sec)

I'm hoping to finally show up after my month+ hiatus, but I haven't signed up for this mission because I'm not sure if I'll show up. So I'm wondering what I should be prepared to play if I do show up? I'm usually good for NPC as long as the costuming requirements are too severe. I just don't have an extensive costume collection. Thank you.

I'm excited to finally get a chance to maybe confront my fear of zombies a bit. But I feel I must let you know that I'm somewhat allergic to the sun and there for get heat stroke super easy, I know the symptoms leading up to this very well so in the event I do start getting too hot I will remove myself.

I would love to be able to PC this mission, but if I cannot would be happy to be placed wherever
Thank you!

For all of you requesting slots now, see above as the lists are set.
If you are not listed then consider yourself a PC.

Could you define what an exotic weapon is? I haven't had an OOC seminar on Flails, and that is the only "exotic" weapon I can think of.

As we don't have an exotic weapon proficiency anymore I should have taken that out.
Just use what you have at hand.