July 8th -- Your Best Self!

Event Details: 

GM: Fred Riemer

In every moment of time things can occur to change history, be it of characters or an entire world. Now think of a realm where instead of a wise good Paladin king, that same king became something different. Something..evil. What if the power got to him so much, that he wasn't satisfied with just one kingdom, but wanted them all, and everyone who stood against him, either joined him or was destroyed by him.
Kinda scary right.

Soon, you'll get to meet some of these people, as some found a way into our world, some sent here to explore and see about conquest. Familiar groups and peeople will seem different. Some will be obvious, and some won't be.

When they appear thou, another group appears, new faces from our world that wish to send them back, and help the deep.
But as always who will the deep stand with, who will they help.

BLACK ROSE:(costuming black and reds, Rogues and divines)
Black Rose Team A:
Dave Walz
Rowan Smith
Sarah Gittens
Scott Motherwell
Nicolas Brossard
Black Rose Team B:
David Van Omen
Ash CHandler-Pease
Ryan Booth-Young
Kody Roux
Brandon Gear

THE SIEGE BREAKERS (Yogi's old group of Siege Breakers)
Kam Abbott
Travis English
James Porier
Rickey Steward
Tony Jazen
Anthony Goglin
Brendan Sweeny
Rickey Waterfield

The Necromancers Group (Bael'Beriths NEcromancer)
Samantha Gledhill
Chantel Chandler-Pease
Undead Minions
Liam Blake Straford
Cordell Bos
Aaron De LA Espriella (demon)
Mike Huges
Karl Kristofferson
Devon Julie
Cole Mercer
Ricky Waterfield
Arjuna Montgomery
AJ McLaughlin
Jayson Crockford
Steve Chester
Coralee Draginda
Shayla Allman
Ulica Holt
Aleksandra Tremblay

Special NPCS
Joanna Naschal
Riley Vandal
Damion Julie

The Court of Ash
1:Mason Repka
2:Albertine LaChance
3:Todd Conrad
4:Kaityln Dawe
5: Paige

Depending on Numbers I will make people undead zombies to balance out the numbers.

Jake Shepard : Dodger
Bethany Staples: Den
Nikki Millar
Dan Hill
Richard Jesson
Helena Brown
Scott Newhouse
Cory Davidson
Tear'a Lyons
Shanna Abrahams
Peter Abrahams
Arnie Joe
Michelle McConnell
Jessica Joulie
Peter Platten
Marianne West
Tori Skramstad
Austin Molberg
Cole Mercier
Josh Vegh
Calvin Watercroft
Mark Ruley
John Childs
Jordan Wright
Marion Vandell
Llama Burman
Janice Hill
Tara Smith
Gen Flook
Ethan Stevens
Alyssa Abbot
Sara Quist
Victoria Lee
Megan Gariepy-Miss Mordag

If you are not on the PC list. be prepared to be undead.

Saturday, July 8, 2017 - 00:00


Hey, I'm willing to be NPC for this, I just ask for a more rp driven role... I am still not fit for heavy combat just yet.

Hey, include Malachi and Quinten in my registration please. Thanks!