June 10th -- The Menu for the Day

Event Details: 

Game Master: Josh Vegh

"It's to die for..." A travelling magi would say with a smile on his face when asked about his cuisine. Him and his two blushing brides hereby invite you to the feast of a lifetime! Catering is provided by a local war band of orcs, with the most succulent meat produced locally.

"The people of dagger deep are hereby invited to join in a meal, and attest in its quality."

Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 00:00


Not sure where you are going with this one or how mobile I will be. (Non-mc injury isn't healing like docs think it should be. Curse this fragile human form.)

Can be PC or NPC, but still can't fight, cast spells, or throw things due to hand injury.

Hallo frands! I'm back in town for this event and was hoping I could come RP! Like usual I don't care about loot/exp/etc.

Orixi + Ishtar = Best mission evar.

I registered as "Doesnt matter"
But apparently it does haha. I f could get a PC slot for this week it would be much appreciated.
Thank you :)

Tony Janzen
Colin Patridge

NPCS (sorry if i butcher the spelling of anyones names)
Team Cat herder
Josh Vegh

Team Alpha
Chantal Chandler-Pease
Zach Carisse
Samantha Gledhill
Helena Bown
Anthony Goglin
Devon Joulie

Team Bravo (you all are Orcs or Half Orcs, and classes are either mercenary fighters, Killer rogues, or priests if there is a * next to your name you may HG in one of the three above)
Richard Jesson *
Zach Tomlinson
Peter Abrahams
William Bennett*
Ricky Steward
Mike Hughes*
Niki Millar
Paige Millar
Odin Burnett
Coralee Draganda
Sonja Millar
Michelle McConnell
Todd Conrod*
Fred Reimer
Mason Repka
Derry Oshurst
Mark Ruley
Scott Motherswell*
Jayson Crockford
Rowan Smith
Edward Tennisco*
James Porier
Aiden Brown
Scott Mars
Ian Brown
Ricky Waterfield
Kody Roux
Calvin Hovercroft
Steve Chester