June 17th -- The Organ Trail

Event Details: 

Game Master: Jake Turner

Beasts and other unseen creatures stalk the lands. A small group of hunters has come hunting for companions as they hunt the fantastic creatures of the land, but will the hunters become the hunted?

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 00:00


i registered but i actually wont be there so please disregard!!!

Can be PC or NPC, but still can't fight, cast spells, or throw things due to hand injury.

I have my dryad, Ivy that I played last year and I know Paige would love to play her chimera Kiki again. David VO had our monster stats, I can't remember them all.

Fine with either or.

Jake let me know if you need to reprise the big, bad for this mission if certain people are coming out...

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If you don't see your name here, contact me here or on facebook and I'll add you to the list, likewise if you see yourself as a beast and want to be undead contact me or if you want to beast instead of undead. If you want to do both shoot me a message. As for the beasts come as any beast or monster from fantasy if you got a idea for something a bit more out there get in touch I'll see what I can do.

Chantal Chandler-pease
sonja Millar
Richard Jesson
Helna Bown
Kody roux
Devon Joulie
Dan Hill
Tear'a Lyons
Brendan Sweeney
Samantha Gledhill
Fred Riemer
Scott Newhouse
Marianne West
Kaitlyn Dawe
Sage hodges-wittaker
Jessica Joulie
Tori Skramstad
Kaie Fogila
Tina Essery
Riley Vandall
Aleksandra Tremblay
Aidan tuplin
Brandon Gear
AJ Mclaughlin
Jack Corfield
Mal Laidlaw
John Childs
Derry Oshust
Joanna Hickman


Cory Davidson
Liam Stratford
Maleena Kozar-Shaw
Austin Molberg
Jayson Crockford

Ash Chandler-pease
Llama burman
Todd Conrod
Dayanera Blais
Ayako Flook
Shayla Allman
Ricky Seward
Niki Millar
Odin Draginda-Burnett
Nathaniel Doherty
Sarah Gittens
Bethany Staples
Karl christoffersen
Michelle Mcconnell
Ryan Boothby-Young
James Poirier
Cordell Bos

Steve Chester
Peter Abrahams
Shanna Abrahams
Arnie Joe
Scott Motherwell
Cole Mercier
Jacob Shepherd
Scott Marrs
Tony Janzen
Aaron De la Espriella
Damian Joulie
Mike Hughes
Albertine La Chance
Josh Vegh
Richard Goulet
Jacob Shepherd
George Briggs

So if we can play any beasts RP wise, where are we drawing our stats form? Like HP, abilities, etc?

Either contact me here or on Facebook with your beast, or if need be I can give them to you at Gatehouse day of. I have a ton of pre written stats that cover a wide range of beasts so I'm likely to have something for anything and if not I'll adapt something day off.

Would love to bring out my old treant. I know they already have old stats, I just need to find them

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