June 24th -- Blood and Polling: Steward's Tournament and Mayor Election

Event Details: 

Game Master: Chantal Chandler-Pease

Do you want to be the first High King, or High Queen, of Dagger Deep?

Get your kingdom to support your claim for the throne in the upcoming Stewards Tournament. The top eight kingdoms are invited submit a champion for each event. The higher a kingdom's champion ranks in their event, the more points the kingdom earns. The kingdom with the most points at the end of the tournament appoints the new Steward of Dagger Deep. Wait, I said high king right? At Samhain the steward will be sworn in as the first High King, or High Queen, of Dagger Deep.

The tournament will consist of many new and non combat events like; A foot race, an obstacle coarse race, javelin distance throw, big rock distance throw, musket duels (first to turn and fire), gladiator fights 2 vs 2, bard off(one song entry), scavenger hunt, gem hunt, and more!

For political reasons the kingdoms of Uberland and Helm's Deep have decided to not compete in this years event. So if you are the leader of Hrogn, Mill Hill, Gilder, Ankh, Ter'Solma, Blackmore, Xan'Terran, or the Black Swamp, then this is your chance to gather your champions and prepare for the chance of a lifetime. Each of the eight aforementioned kingdoms are invited to compete with each other for the opportunity to name the first High King, or High Queen,

All competing kingdoms may hire champions outside of their kingdom to compete in their name. Champion names are to be submitted at tournament registration. Some events will take place all day, while others will have specific times. Event times to be announced!

May the best kingdom win!

We are also electing a new mayor on the same day! So keep up the campaigning, voting day is less than two weeks away!

GM's note for blood and polling:
Mayoral election:
Candidates will be able to speak for up to five minutes to the town, they will be able to explain who they are, their intention behind running, and what they would like to see happen in the town.
The speeches will commence at 4 bells and the vote will be held at half past the fourth bell.

Steward Tournament:
The Position of Steward is once again able to be competed for. Kingdoms outside of the three high kingdoms will be competing in a series of events to earn the right to name their chosen candidate 'Steward of Dagger Deep'
Helm's Deep, Uberland, and the Black and Black will be providing the judges for this event.
There will be a series of individual events, and the day will end in two large scale melees which will determine the winning kingdom. The winning kingdom will then announce their choice of Steward.

**Steward’s Tournament challenges**

The challenges of the tournament give the participating kingdoms a way for their candidates to earn points. The kingdom with the highest points at the end of the day will be the winner. The winning kingdom will then choose their best candidate, who will go on to become the Steward of Dagger Deep.

Candidates who complete the challenges must report their scores to the scorekeepers.

All candidates must respect and follow the instructions of the judges. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

--All info subject to relatively minor changes.--

Foot Race:
The candidates will compete in a simple race, with points awarded based on finishing places. 1 racer per kingdom.

Flintlock Duel:
2 opposing candidates will enter the ring. They will stand back to back with flintlocks drawn, take a set number of paces away from each other, then turn and fire. Winner is the last one standing. Bullets will be provided.

Caber toss:
Throw the log as far as you can. Log must flip for the point to count and must land in one of the three score zones.

Boulder Toss:
Throw the rock as far as you can. It must land in one of the three score zones.

Javelin Throw:
The challenger must throw the javelin by hand as far as possible. The distance measurement will be taken from the end of the javelin closest to the starting line.

Bard-off (all-day event):
Challengers must quickly compose an original song that lasts one minute. It has to actually be a song, with lyrics and a cohesive story or topic, and must be sung in Common. Sing about a really good fight, or an adventure or a god, anything. Two challengers will perform for the judge, one at a time, and the judge will decide who did the better job.

2v2 Gladiator Pit:
2 challengers of one kingdom team will face 2 from another. Combatants restricted to shields and melee weapons only, no spells or abilities permitted. Each combatant has three hits; when they run out, the defeated combatant must exit the ring. The remaining combatants fight until one team is totally defeated.

Battle Bridge:
2 challengers armed with daggers face each other on a narrow board. Combatants have 3 hit points each and must fight each other while maintaining balance. No spells or abilities will be allowed, only skill and dexterity.

Gem Hunt (all-day event):
Gems will be hidden throughout the Deep. Collect as many as possible and turn them in to the judge. All such gems are lootable.

Scavenger Hunt (all-day event):
The judge will have a list of things to find or tasks to complete. Do as many as possible, but only one completed set from each kingdom will be accepted.


5pm - Foot race in Orc’s Field. All day events begin.

5:15 pm - Javelin Throw
- Battle Bridge
- Boulder Toss

6:30 pm - Break, end of first block of challenges

7 pm - 2v2 Gladiator Pit
- Flintlock Duels
- Caber Toss

8:30 - Second block challenges end, all day events end. Scores added, top two teams face off in pitch battle.

9 pm - scores totaled, winning kingdom announced. That kingdom will then select the person they feel is best suited to be steward.

Like all tournaments, the schedule may shift on the actual day.

Feel free to contact Chantal or Joanna if you have any questions. Good luck to all teams!

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 00:00


Can be PC or NPC, but still can't fight, cast spells, or throw things due to hand injury.
Will play Ishtar if PC.

Due to politics I would like to pc this one. The party for the church of Solace is also scheduled for this day.

I assume the tournament is the mission?

Is there a drop-in fee for this tournament? If so, how much?