June 30th - July 2nd The Festival of Osis

Event Details: 

The Osis Festival and Tournament is a three-day event, starting Friday night and going to Sunday morning, featuring in-character camping, an arts and bardic competition, an in-character feast, various shenanigans, and the combat tournament, the winner of which will be crowned the Champion of Osis. If you haven’t been to the festival or even to a Medieval Chaos event before, this is the one you don’t want to miss!


The schedule for the weekend will be as follows, and updated as more info becomes available:


Gatehouse - 5 to 8pm
Potluck - 7pm
**If you want to participate in the potluck, remember you must contribute something for it!**
Bardic competition begins, running until Saturday night


Arts and Bardic competition - all day
Gatehouse - 11am to 5pm
Combat Tournament sign-ups- 2:30 pm
Tournament begins - 3pm
Tournament end - 7:30pm
Feast and announcing of the winners- 8 pm
**Feast tickets on sale for $10**
Parade of Fools - after the feast


Clean-up and tear-down - 10am
Leave - 11 am

Gatehouse *adjusted times*
in order for us to run the tournament and feast smoothly gatehouse hours have been adjusted.

Please be aware Friday gatehouse will be open from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.

Saturday gatehouse will be open from 11:00am - 5:00pm.

With the Osis day tournament scheduled to start between 2:30 & 3:00pm.

Please make note, and be certain to arrive within the gatehouse times. If something going to prevent you from being able to arrive within those hours, please remember to contact a member of the EC in advance.

Potluck and Feast

A potluck meal will be provided on the Friday night of Osis at 8pm. If you'd like to join the meal, please bring something to share. More info for the potluck can be found here:

On Saturday night, there will be a feast. Tickets are on sale now for $10, sold at Gatehouse. The menu includes:
Butter chicken with rice & naan bread, Vegetarian lasagna with garlic bread, also gluten free lasagna green salad & Cesar salad. Get your tickets now!

Arts Competition:
Attendees who wish to submit an item they made, be it a picture, an accessory, a book, a piece of armor etc may do so. Items will be displayed within the C&A for public voting. Please include your Character name and Real Name when submitting the item.


Each player will be given a token which they will hold on to until they make their choice. Each token is completely lootable once it has been received at the gatehouse. Players will turn their token over to the designated judge at the C&A and state which item they choose to vote upon. The item with the most tallied votes wins.

Bardic Competition:

Any attendee may compete in the Bardic competition. Competitors are expected to Sing, tell stories, juggle or anything that would otherwise entertain the crowd they are performing for.
Bardic Contestants are not required to record their name until they hand in their scores. A Judge will be present to tally each Competitor’s score.
Competitors are to hold on to the tokens they receive, and may NOT store them in an OOC area.

Players & Voting:

Each player will be given a token which they will hold on to until they make their choice. Each token is completely lootable once it has been received at the gatehouse. Players are then encouraged to give their token directly to the Bard or person they believe is doing the best job entertaining the masses.

Arts & Bardic Tokens

Opportunities for more tokens will be presented throughout the weekend through being helpful or doing deeds of note.

Combat Tournament:

The combat rings will be fought with hit by location rules instead of normal hit point rules.

Points Set Up:
Victory: 3
Loss: 0
Honorable Opponent: 1 Per match
1. All combatants are given the proficiency for each rings weapon style while inside each ring and ONLY while inside each ring.
2. Players Must state name to the judge upon entering the ring.
3. Stepping out of the ring during combat is a Loss
4. Each fights Victor remains in the ring to face the next challenger until knocked out. The victor retains all previous injuries.
5. A strike to any limb renders that limb useless (as per limb rip) You may not use that limb until you are removed from the ring.
Ie. You are struck on the leg you must take a knee or hop on one foot.
6. A second strike to the arm counts as a torso strike (you Lose)
7. A Strike to the torso counts as a loss, you are out of the ring
8. One honor point per match is given to any player who intentionally injures themself to match the opponent.
ie. Fafnir takes a knee as he enters to match Kendrid on a knee or vice versa.
The player with the highest points in each ring wins a prize.
The player with the highest overall points in every ring (must have at least 1 point in each ring) is crowned Champion of Osis and wins a prize.

Rings -

Sword and Board
Pole-arm & Staff
Anything Goes
Dual Weapon
Two Handed

Parade of Fools

The parade of fools is comical event, full of laughter and embarrassment.
Players may dress up as another character and impersonate them during the Parade of fools. Players will jest, mimic, and please the crowd with their display of foolery in the guise of the character they choose.
The loudest reaction from the crowd wins the night.
(This event is mostly just comical relief for a more serious day)

***It is encouraged to ask permission of the player whom you are portraying (even borrow their kit)****

Come out and enjoy a full weekend of camping, fighting and shenanigans!

Game Master: Jared Williams / Chantal Chandler-Pease

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 00:00


Help put out a spread of food that Osis himself would be in awe of!

Meal time is planned for 8PM so folks arriving at Dagger Deep from a days work have a chance to join us.

Anyone is welcome to join the feast, but please remember that pot luck means that you must contribute something. It need not be anything enormous, so long as some contribution is made.

Tables will be set up near the market and don’t forget to bring your own plate/cup/ cutlery, etc.

An event for the feast has been created to help organize the meal.

Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1781687172142890