June 3rd -- Of Blood and Orcs

Event Details: 

Game Master: Chantal Chandler-Pease

The war drums are thunder on the horizon. Spears and tusks sharpened and the tribe prepares for the bloody battle to come. Sacrifices are made to the wild Gods of old to ensure victory, to ensure that once and for all the enemies would feel their spines snap under foot. The Tribe is on the march.

Saturday, June 3, 2017 - 00:00


You always NPC for me lady, have a PC slot and shoot all the things, or burn them, whichever you prefer.

I could use an Orc chief to rally the horde and keep them moving, if you're up for it?

I might be moving then, as I have to be out of the house on the 2nd if June, but will do my best to have that delt with by then.

I don't know if I registered all ready or not, but something has come up, so unfortunately I won't be there.

I would like to PC for this mission as I am planning to bring my gf out for the first time and would like the chance to show her around.

Mook with tree form and archery would be great :)

Happy to PC as Amaryllis or NPC. I have minimal Orc racials, but I am happy to wear face paint and have a kit that could work for either.
Wherever is needed!

My sister is planning to attend for the first time ever and I was planning on showering her the ropes and around the deep. So pc would be preferable :)

Tony Janzen- Chieftain NPC Lead
Sonja Millar**
Scott Motherwell**
Ryan Boothby-Young**
Zach Tomlinson
Jayson Crockford
Cory Davidson**
David Van Ommen**
Arnie Joe
Anthony Goglin
Cole Mercier
Derry Oshurst
Colin Partridge**

Zach Carisse- Leader of the Chosen
Todd Conrod**
Mike Hughes**
Fred Riemer**
Ben Bosworth
Devon Joulie**
Gen Flook
Josh Vegh**
Nicholas Brossard
Richard Goulet
Jake Shepherd**

Kody Roux- The Bruisers
Aaron de la Espriella**
Liam Stratford**
Julian Edey**
George Eric Briggs
Ian Brown
Aidan Brown
Karl Christoffersen**
Calvin Havercroft**
Brendan Sweeney
Edward La Chance
John Allain
Ricky Seward
Mark Ruley**

The names that have stars beside them are the HG classes everyone else is FG.
All players may choose from the fighter tree, as well as martial casters.
The aim is to have this a low magic team, so fewer spells and more first aid.

Red skin, tribal inspired costuming.
You are blood thirsty, cunning, and brutal. Weak and stupid orcs were eviscerated and left on the march to Dagger Deep.

Can be PC or NPC, but still can't fight, cast spells, or throw things due to hand injury.