May 20th -- Scrot Witch: The Scrotening / Piracy, Regicide, and Mischief

Event Details: 

Game Master for Scrot Witch: The Scrotening: Jeremy Stuart Notheisz
Game Master for Piracy, Regicide, and Mischief: Anthony Goglin

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 00:00


Would like to sign up for 'Piracy, Regicide, and Mischief' would like to try and PC as Rosalia cause Guns vs Guns is fun! And well who doesn't like money :)

Anthony- I told you I would pirate for you! :)

I'm leaning towards Piracy, and can be PC or NPC as needed. Although being a drow archer alongside Kal and his allies from foreign lands would be wonderful.

give me heads up as soon as you can I only have Fridays and Saturday mornings for prep

Wanna be a Scrotwitch? or do you have beef with the scrot witches?

underage non com that loves to create mischief....will npc if needed

Scrot witch mission please. Highly prefer PC as Grok, but may consider limited/low combat npc. (PM me if you want to discuss npc)

So here's the list. If you're not on this list, you get to be your PC! Congratulations! If you are on this list, contact me sooner rather than later so we can iron out the details. If I've drafted you onto the list, bring your PC kit too so changes can be made on the fly as numbers warrant.

Anthony Goglin - GM/NPC Cat Herder

The Great and Terrible Sea Hag:
Marion Vandall

Pirate Captains:
Joanna Naschaal
Kody Roux
Chantal Chandler-Pease
Kaitlyn Dawe
Ricky Lee Seward
Nicholas Brossard
George Eric Briggs
Richard Goulet
Ryan Hill

Pirates (FG Fighter or Rogue):
Shanna Abrahams
Ryan King
Michelle McConnell
Tina Essery
Tony Janzen
Tori Skramstad
Damian Joulie
Devin Dierk
Sarah Gittens
Zachary Carisse
Aaron de la Espriella
Aya Flook
David Van Ommen
Dayanera Blais
Bailey Neil

Hello Scrot-fans! The following is an NPC list. If you are neither on this list nor Anthony's NPC list, then you get to enjoy the terror, chaos, and waterborne theft of the day! If you have any issues, concerns, or comments, please feel free to message me on the MC site, or the Book of Faces. Thank you!

Scrotwitch NPC List

Peter Abrahams – Scrotwitch Hunter
Cory Davidson – Apprentice

Tiffany Rainforth – Scrot Queen

Christopher Harrison – Golgothan
Zach Tomlinson - Golgothan

Dustin Malfait – Scrotwitch
Richard Jesson - Scrotwitch
S Foglia - Scrotwitch
Steve Chester – Scrotwitch

Cordell Bos - Scrotling
Elanna Wenschlag - Scrotling
Gregory Fox – Scrotling
John Childs - Scrotling
Michelle McConnell - Scrotling
Odin D-B – Scrotling
Shayla Allman - Scrotling
Stephanie Cunningham – Scrotling
Todd Conrod - Scrotling