Oct 7th -- Abyssal Adventure Day II: Swarms, Swords and Swtentacles

Event Details: 

GM: David Van Ommen

As Abyssal and demonic forces clash on the grounds of Dagger Deep, their minions are poised to swarm the lands. Lhxelts desires to reassert his dominance yet he struggles against the will of mortals. Kaah and his demon crew continue to manipulate and maneuver their Abyssal forces while pursuing their hidden agenda. Bards, mages and others experiment and play with Abyssal powers. Meanwhile, mobs of feastlings, blood goblins and abyssal giants threaten the village and outlying regions. Can the heroes (or at least people) of Dagger Deep push back the Abyssal tide? Can they outwit and/or bash the demons? Come on out and find out!

Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 12:30


Still unfit for combat.
Give me a non-combat (including magic requiring any thrown component) NPC role or I can loiter around and bring back the corpses as Ishtar.

Attendance is 50/50 chance, pending work.