Oct 7th -- Abyssal Adventure Day II: Swarms, Swords and Swtentacles

Event Details: 

GM: David Van Ommen

As Abyssal and demonic forces clash on the grounds of Dagger Deep, their minions are poised to swarm the lands. Lhxelts desires to reassert his dominance yet he struggles against the will of mortals. Kaah and his demon crew continue to manipulate and maneuver their Abyssal forces while pursuing their hidden agenda. Bards, mages and others experiment and play with Abyssal powers. Meanwhile, mobs of feastlings, blood goblins and abyssal giants threaten the village and outlying regions. Can the heroes (or at least people) of Dagger Deep push back the Abyssal tide? Can they outwit and/or bash the demons? Come on out and find out!

Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 12:30


I wanna chaos giant lieutenant! Favorite NPC role and I still have my Giant stuff for it.

I wish to attend as Phoxx as I have standing Rp with Sirgat as well as would like to see through the execution of these demons.

Oct 7 – Abyssal Mission NPC and PC list

NPC List
Chantal Chandler-Pease
Llama Burman
Michelle McConnell
Sonja Millar
Arnie Joe
Ayako Flook
Peter Platten
Peter Abrahams
Shanna Abrahams
Zachary Carisse
Riley Vandall
Joanna Hickman
Hanne (Sparrow) Maegaard
Sage Boily
Cole Mercier
David Van Ommen
ash chandler-pease
George Briggs
Ryan Hill
Marianne West
Justin DeLima
Bailey Neil
Colin Partridge
Melodie Berg
Tony Wood
Scott Motherwell
Nathaniel Doherty
Coralee Draginda
John Childs
Tori Skramstad
Tony Janzen (plus one)
Quinten Janzen
James Humme
Rowan Smith
Ryan Carlow
Dadrian Montpette
Trevor Williams
Amara Warren
Jared Qwustenuxun Williams
Kody Roux
Devon Joulie
Easton Attridge

PC List
Niki Millar
Cory Davidson
Sara Quist
Helena Bown
Mike Hughes
Ben Bosworth
Josh Vegh
Jessica Joulie
Richard Goulet
karl christoffersen
Steve Chester
Brendan Sweeney
Janice Hill
Tear'a Lyons
Fred Riemer
Tina Essery
Mark Ruley
Dustin Malfait
Chris Campbell
S Foglia
John Marusiak
Hugo plante
Calvin Havercroft
Jessica Oltmann
Gen Flook
Philip Amor
Victoria Lee
Aleksandra Tremblay
Aaron de la Espriella
Ethan Stevens
Damian Joulie
Melina Suelzle
Dean Hassell
Dylan Pittman
Stephanie Cunningham
Clark Elliott
AJ McLaughlin
Jason Stanley
Julian Edey
Shayla Allman
Todd Conrod
Scott Newhouse
Ricalope Jesson
Nika Stafford
Kam Abbott
Samantha Gledhill
Cameron Oltmann
Stephen Haggith
Albertine La Chance
Zachary Taylor
Shawn La Chance
Micheal Fairbairn
Jason Stanley
Dylan Pittman

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