Sept 17 -- "What a Lovely Day"

Event Details: 

GM: Chantal Chandler-Pease

IC: "Were those screams from Orcs Field?"
"Oh look some of the self-important royals are holding court," and "Is that another ritual in Woodhenge?".
Whatever is happening, its just another lovely day in Dagger Deep.

OOC: This will be sandbox, choose your own adventure style day.
Everyone will be expected to play a NPC role of some description.
Roles will largely be decided by GM, but this is a great day to trial those NPCs that you have been workshopping, or NPCs that you loved in the past.

Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 15:00


I have a few NPCs in the works that may be cool to see on this day... Will have to wait until this day gets closer to confirm anything tho.

Salutations Medieval Chaos,
A choose your own adventure day is coming up September 16th.
I have a poll up on the MC Community FB page, you may also post on here or PM me personally.

These are the options for NPC shifts:

1500-1700 The Menagerie- bring out your beasties, your creepy creatures, and have some fun

1600-1800 Bandits, rogues, and sneaks, oh my!

1700-1900 Rampant Royalty. Bring some NPCs from different kingdoms and create some cool political RP

1800-2000 Cultistssssss. These will get a special briefing ;)

2000-2100 Super Secret Shenanigans (Those that need to know will know)

I have spoken to Chantal, the magnanimous Plotmancer, and am organising something within one of these time slots

I wish to speak to Chantal, the magnanimous Plotmancer, and am organising something within one of these time slots

Note: If you do not make an effort to contact me, or register for a slot then expect to be placed in an NPC team that needs bodies.

If her stats are completed by this day, could Sparrow come out and play? If not I will probably be a creepy snake lady for the menagerie.

1500-1700: Menagerie: Anthony G
Tony J and Quentin
David VO
Patrick R (Set)
Dayanera B

(If you have an idea for your beastie please give me a shout. I need your stats by Wednesday, if you need help constructing stats just give me a shout)

1500-1700: Run Run Vigor Wardens: Justin
Daniel P
Dylan P
Nicholas B
Ryan F.
Travis E.
Zachary T

(Stat blocks, costuming as per discussion)

1600-1800: Rogues: Peter A
Aiden F
Richard G
Jayson C
Kody R
Ryan H

(Full guild class of choice, costuming is greys, blacks, and browns)

1600-1700: Ankhadians: Josh V
Brendan S
Devon J
David VO
Julian E
Mike H
Zach C
Evahn T
Sara Q
David C
Helena B

(Ankhadian colours are green and black, information as per group chat)

1700-1900: Rampant Royalty:
Ash C-P
Scott N.
Hannah J
Janice H

(Kit up in various kingdom tabards- Gilder, Helm's Deep, Uberland, and bring your grievances to the court. Cory, Ash, and Scott will be their Hobbitmore NPCs. Current guild level, whichever class you prefer)

1730-2000: X-Roads: Philip
Jason S
Ryan F
Zachary T

(Info in group message)

1800-2000: Cultistsssss: Brendan S
Elizabeth G
Cole M
Jake T
Calvin H
Damian J
Peter P
Helena B
David VO

(Costuming: Purple, silver, black. Mission brief incoming)

1900-2000 Undead minions
Adam Norry- Necromancer- Sorcerer HG level 6
Chris Campbell- wraith
Arjuna- skeleton
Derry- raging zombie
Ulicia- zombie
Stephanie C- zombie
Melody- zombie
Tara- zombie
Sage- skeleton

2000-2100: Shenanigans: Chantal
Zach C
Sam G.
Scott Marrs
Ash C-P

(Just a note for all involved Soul Rip WILL be on the field. Ref: Page 47 of the handbook if unfamiliar with the mechanic)

I believe I am part of the 2000-2100 shinanegas group, but if I am wrong feel free to re-place me. I'll be PC as amaryllis when I'm not NPCing.