Sept 2nd -- The Twins and the Obelisk

Event Details: 

GM: Dadrian Montpette

Two siblings, twins, fight constantly to win the power over the other, and become the most powerful Necromancer between the two of them. Choosing champions they fight it out in a battle royal and athletic, magical, and 'guile' events to end their sibling rivalry. One team gets the glorious treasure, the other eats rocks, and one of the twins has chosen the town of Dagger Deep. May the odds ever be in your favor.

Note: This mission is a FG and Apprentice player vs HG player day. If you have a HG PC character then you're a NPC. If you only have Apprentice/FG/Peasant PC characters then you are a PC for this mission. If I have already spoken to you to play a NPC, then play that specific NPC. If you're a HG then you're playing a zombie or raging zombie unless listed below or have spoken to me.

PC Leads
Brendan Sweeney -- Reven
Ricalope Jesson -- Arha
Mark Ruley -- Zeig
Huch -- Hux the Vulgur
Shaun -- Jimmy


Helena Brown -- The Twin

Zach Cairisse -- Storm Elemental
Chantal Chandler-Pease -- Ice Elemental
Albertine Ettel La Chance -- Embers Elemental
Sonja Millar -- Sand Elemental

Cory Davidson -- Bumbling Brigand Lead
Felix Plante -- Bumbling Brigand
Kyle Holdon -- Bumbling Brigand
Hanne Maeegard -- Bumbling Brigand
Travis English -- Bumbling Brigand

Riley Vandall -- Mummy
Agnar Inn Hviti -- Skeleton
Jeremy Notheisz -- Little Drummer Demon Boy
Austin Molberg -- Brute
Devon Joulie -- Brute
Ben Bosworth -- Ghoul

Niki Elora Millar -- Alma, Mother of the Bride

Again this is a FG vs HG Mission. If you're a HG player (having one or more HG characters) then you're a NPC zombie/raging zombie, unless listed above.

Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 00:15


As a FYI, on Sept 2nd, all apprentice, peasants, and FG players (a person without a HG character) are guaranteed a PC slot. HGs should expect to be a NPC, but might be PCs depending on day of-balance.