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Sept 30th – Zombie World mission

From David Van Ommen:

The Mirror-verse Gate has caused 'cracks' across the dimensions. Some of the cracks are folding over, allowing more "mirror-worlds" to appear.

Behold, on September 30th, as some hapless adventurers get folded over to…Zombie-World.

A world where zombies and undead have 'won'. There are no necromancers. There are no priests. There's just a brain shortage.

You could run. Maybe hide. But it’s more fun to fight and fortify! Whatever. You better survive!

With your help, we’ll be playing through some Zombie-World scenarios from 6pm until darkness falls. There will be random teams of 5-6+ PCs that wake up in Zombie-World. As NPCs, we will attack slowly in waves, building pressure against the PCs. This is no contest, and there is no prize. PCs get to fight and survive. Let’s work together to produce that fear and that fun of survival. And/or death.

If the PCs can survive the allotted time (15-20 minutes), they can return safely. If the PCs can’t survive, they may be TRAPPED FOREVER IN ZOMBIEWORLD!!
[Just kidding, you’ll return as zombies in town once ‘To the Pain’ is called].

If you want to be an NPC zombie the whole mission, you can volunteer to be so and will receive 2 AP. Please dress as a dead adventurer NPC zombie. You can wear armour and wield weapons if you like. You can also dress as your PC if you wish, but please make sure the zombie nature is clear (see below).

If you want to try and get a spot as a PC in small team survival mode, you enter your name at Gatehouse in a random pool for teams and times. So note, you may not be able to play as your PC on a team if there are lots of PCs in the lottery and you get a later shift.

PCs, please bring something to show the difference between your ‘alive’ PC and your zombie-PC, since you’ll be dressed in PC kit the whole mission (which is the point, to see our zombie-PCs on the other side).
Examples are: Halloween zombie face masks, gore makeup, guts hanging out (plastic tubing with blood), etc. Something you can easily take off/remove if you get to play as your PC, and then put on again when your scenario is over.

There will be a First Conch at/around 6pm to organize the Survival Groups and the order of play. Once we begin, roughly every 15-20 minutes (or until that PC group all die, if earlier) we will have brief OOC periods as PC groups get ready to switch. This is also a good time for water breaks. There will be a signal, such as the bell, to indicate the pauses.

NOTE FOR CASTERS: Banish and Control effects against zombies will not work.
The Zombieworld types of zombies have ‘evolved’ as it were. They are immune to Banish and Control effects. I’m sorry. I know.
Other magics work as normal.

Also note: Loot for this mission will likely be distributed around during pre-mission and post-mission. How? *shrugs* Find out!

I am hoping to make this experience fun for all, Deader and Aliver alike!

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 15:00


Light now has uber get rid of undead ability but is generally to scared to do anything.

I always npc zombie zombie and I love it!

So place me wherever.

If allowed to be a zombie (still just a peasant, only 1 session under my belt) I would love to help!

First time back in years! I can PC or NPC, but if PC I'm totally a peasant. Been way too long.